Can Headache Cause Fever

Can Headache Cause Fever?

It can be a sign of a viral illness.

Severe headache with fever: A headache that is accompanied by a temperature is usually a sign of a viral infection. Doctors warn that it could be a sign of anything more dangerous, and they recommend that you see a specialist right once. Make sure you always have a machine to check body temperature.

When viewed independently, a high fever and headaches are two distinct symptoms that can be dismissed. However, a severe headache accompanied by a fever could indicate something more worse. While such an occurrence does not always indicate a life-threatening illness, it is critical that you see a physician as soon as possible for a proper diagnosis and treatment plan.

When headaches are accompanied by a fever, they may be cause for alarm, as well as an indication of a serious infection. The infection may be restricted to the brain and/or spinal cord. Meningitis, encephalitis, or a brain abscess, for example.There could be other reason for headaches.

Flu, as well as other systemic or whole-body diseases, can cause headaches and fever. Bleeding or a brain tumour are two more possible health issues. Most of the time, these are just signs of a common viral illness that has to run its course before diminishing.

What should you do if you have a fever headache?

Any headache associated with a high or low-grade fever should not be overlooked. To rule out any underlying health issues, see a doctor.

  1. In addition to fever, aspirin can relieve pain and headaches.
  2. Dampen a piece of cloth and dab it over the forehead, arms, and legs at regular intervals. This may aid in the reduction of fever.
  3. Take care not to overheat. Remove any unnecessary garments. Overheating can raise the body temperature, exacerbating symptoms.
  4. Consume nutritious foods. You can also feel better by consuming soups and other liquid foods.