Pain in right leg

M79.604 is a billable/explicit ICD-10-CM code that can be utilized to demonstrate a finding for repayment purposes.

The 2022 version of ICD-10-CM M79.604 became compelling on October 1, 2021.

This is the American ICD-10-CM rendition of M79.604 – other global adaptations of ICD-10 M79.604 might vary.

Relevant To-

Torment in right lower appendage NOS

The accompanying code(s) above M79.604 contain comment back-references that might be appropriate to M79.604:

M00-M99 Diseases of the outer muscle framework and connective tissue

M79 Other and vague delicate tissue problems, not somewhere else grouped

M79.6 Pain in appendage, hand, foot, fingers and toes

Rough Synonyms –

Bilat more prominent trochanteric torment condition

Reciprocal leg ischemic appendage torment

More prominent trochanteric torment condition of respective lower appendages

Leg torment, the two sides

Torment in respective legs

Torment of two-sided lower appendages co-occurrent and because of ischemia

Torment of right lower appendage co-occurrent and because of ischemia

Right leg ischemic appendage torment Right leg torment